Stencils & Stencil Masks

Stencils & Stencil Masks, specially made to make creating layouts in your journal a breeze!

What the difference between a stencil and a stencil mask?

Stencils are, typically, used for  traditional tracing of the shapes within the stencil. You can create monthly, weekly, or note box style layouts in minutes, with very little effort. 

Stencil Masks are, essentially, the opposite,  They are a collection of loose shapes that have a light repositionable adhesive applied to the back of them. You could trace around them, but they are designed for negative space layouts.  You apply your masks to your page, then use inks, like distress ink, or watercolors applied all over your page and when the masks are removed you will have the masked off space uncolored and ready for your plans.   They are quick and easy ways to create dramatic layouts!