Deluxe Monthly Box FAQ

What is the Deluxe Monthly Planner Box?

The Deluxe Monthly Planner Box is a monthly planner subscription that will deliver a months worth of stickers and other goodies that will help you set up your Planner in style.

What's in the Box?

Each month will feature a consistent set of items you will use each month, in addition to a variety of fun and functional stickers. Each box will contain a minimum of 17 sheets of stickers, in varying size, as well as coordinating pen. 

How much does the Deluxe Monthly Planner Box cost?

Subscriptions for the Deluxe Monthly Planner Box Monthly Box is $45 monthly (+shipping)

Single Month Boxes, for the current month, are $47.50 (+ shipping)

Past Month, when available, are $50 (+ shipping)

How much is shipping for the Deluxe Monthly Planner Box?

Domestic Shipping is a flat rate of $4.99 to all US addresses. 

International Shipping is calculated as actual cost to the address provided. 

Oh My! International shipping on boxes is a lot, but why?

Sadly, USPS only allows merchandise to be mailed as packages. 

What kind of planner do I need for the Deluxe Monthly Planner Box?

The stickers in this box are designed to fit the Erin Condren Life Planner. 

Can I use them in a different planner?

Possibly.  While they are designed to for the Erin Condren Life Planner they will fit in other similar sized planners.  You may have some sizing and layout differences to adjust for. Example:  These stickers will fit the width of the happy planner weekly boxes, but there are height differences. Most notably, the monthly section is designed differently and will need some fidgeting to make work.   

I've never done decorative planning before, is this what I need? 

Yes!  This is a great starting point if your just beginning decorative planning .  It is a great balance of functional stickers and a limited amount of purely decorative stickers.

I'm more of an experienced planner, will this work for me?

Yes!  You will receive stickers a great amount of color coordinating stickers to build up and supplement the kits and stickers you already have   


When can I buy the Deluxe Monthly Planner Box and when will is ship?

Subscriptions will open for approximately 2 weeks, and your kit will ship approximately 2-3 weeks after that.  You will receive your box  in the middle of the month prior to the month that it is designed for, to give you plenty of time to set up your month in your planner. 

For example, You will order your January box in ordering period in the month of November,  you will receive your January kit in the middle of December to allow you to get everything set up before January starts. 

Do I have to subscribe?

Nope.  You have the option to purchase just a single box. 

How does the subscription work?

When you choose to subscribe you will be automatically billed monthly.  You may cancel your subscription at any time.  However, no refunds will be given if you do not cancel before your monthly billing date. 

When will I be billed for my subscription?

You will be billed each month on the date that you originally signed up on.  If you subscribe on the 10th of your first month, you will be billed on the tenth of every month following. 

How do I cancel my subscription?

We are sad to see you go but understand that sometimes subscriptions aren't working out.  We never want you to have something you don't want, so you are not locked into a subscription contract, you may cancel at any time.  We are,however, unable to cancel subscriptions boxes that have already been paid for as assembly and products have already been purchase and produced for you.  Make sure to cancel before your monthly billing date if desired. You are always welcome to resubscribe at any time, we would love to have you back. 


How many boxes will there be?  Do I need to worry about missing it?

There will not be a limit on boxes.  The only way to miss out is to miss the ordering period.  You can sign up email notifications to remind you, Join the EbeeGbee Facebook group and follow @EbeeGbee_Stickers on Instagram.  But if you subscribe you never need to worry about missing it!  It will just show right up at your door. 

 I found out about the BeeJo Monthly after the it had started, can I get past boxes?

Possibly!  Extra boxes are made each month and will be listed as single boxes.  Because there are a limited number of extra boxes, and when they're gone they're gone,  every missed month may not be available. Check the listing page of boxes and see if we have what you're looking for.  Please note that past boxes will not be sold at quite the discounted rate as current boxes.

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