Want to Receive a Free BeeJo Monthly Box?

Who doesn't like something for free? If you would like a chance to receive a free BeeJo Monthly box, just send a picture of your journal using items from a past BeeJo Monthly box to EbeeGbeeStickers@gmail.com with Photo Submission in the subject line.  If your picture is selected to be featured as a BeeJo Monthly Customer Spotlight you will receive one free BeeJo Monthly box of your choice. 

tips you should know:

Take your picture in a well lit area, and make sure every thing is in focus.

Less is more. The focus of your picture should be your journal, staging is fine, but the main focus should be your notebook. 

Don't include any personal info that you would not like published online in your photo.  

Your photo will be included in the BeeJo Monthly Subscription Shop, and may also be shared on  EbeeGbee_Stickers Instagram and/or the EbeeGbee Facebook Group.  

If you are on a subscription, your box cost will be refunded via Paypal, regardless of your method of payment. 

Customer is responsible for shipping on free BeeJo Monthly box.