HEART MINI Stencil Set
HEART MINI Stencil Set

HEART MINI Stencil Set

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Heart Mini Stencil Set for your Journal or Planner.

Create your own layout in just a few minuted with these handy stencils.

Includes 2 Mini Stencils:
1 Large Box Heart Stencil
1 Journaling Lines Stencil

Stencil is approx 3.2 x 3.4 inches, Heart is approximately 2.25 x 2.00 inches.

How to Use:
Each stencil is made with registration marks to aid in the perfect alignment of the shape and the journaling lines. Once your shaped stencil is placed in the desired location and the shape has been traced, use a PENCIL to lightly fill in the 4 holes surrounding your shape. Remove the shape stencil. When you place your lined stencil over the the shape and align the holes in the stencil with the dots previously made, the lines will be perfectly centered in your shape. Trace the lines as desired. When finished, gently erase the penciled in registration marks.

These stencils have a large amount of open space, they will need support of holding the stencil in place while tracing. A small amount or Repositional Adhesive can be used on the back of the stencil to aid in keeping it in place.

Please note that stencil colors may appear vary